Scotty’s Dog is back! This time sporting a Union Jack and boy does he look smashing baby! Scotty’s dog couldn’t look better if he was dressed by the queen herself! This absolutely brilliant headcover commemorating the 133rd British Open Championship, is one of the finest to ever be designed by the Scotty Cameron Putter Studio. Each handed crafted cover is made right here in the USA and took over 1 hour to stitch. That’s right, one hour to stitch each cover and it takes over 59,000 stitches to complete. Now that is haute couture! Scotty had 2004 of this groovy Scotty dog produced to show support to all of the Cameron loyalists on both sides of the pond! It takes a real looker to pull off a Union Jack sweater and Scotty’s dog was perfect for the job.

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  • Release Year:2004
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